Are you presenting at the ASHRAE Building performance Analysis conference? [closed]

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For your information......... (and as part of the conference Steering Committee)

ASHRAE Seeks Presenters for Building Performance Analysis Conference ASHRAE has announced a call for presenters for the 2017 ASHRAE Building Performance Analysis Conference (formerly known as the ASHRAE Energy Modeling Conference).

This year's conference expands on the core subject of energy modeling to encompass non-energy building performance analysis and simulation for professionals responsible for such work. Topics include modeling for and during the design phase; modeling innovative or new technologies; data visualization; and future trends in modeling.

Presentation proposals on these and other topics are due March 13, and decisions will be announced April 3. The conference will be held Sept. 27–29 in Atlanta.


ASHRAE LowDown Showdown Competition Year three of the LowDown Showdown will require teams to be more collaborative, creative and competitive, while serving up a baseline building that is more challenging!
This year participants will model an ​existing building that includes both office space and climate controlled archival warehouse space. Sound interesting? Well start forming your team now! The 2017 challenge allows conference attendees to​ ​form their own teams to see who has the chops to retrofit an existing building and make it net zero or below. Another new twist – the ASHRAE LowDown Showdown 2017 will showcase only the best entries. A limited number of teams will be invited to present their projects at the conference and one winner and a runner up will be chosen. Audience participation will include voting on a Fan Favorite and a question and answer session.

Complete your participation form here:

Did we mention it is in a challenging climate zone? Well it is.

So don’t wait! Fill out the questionnaire ​by March 17 ​and get started today contacting your colleagues, friends, associates to line up your team members. If you are not part of a team and still want to participate, fill out the form and you will be assigned to a team based on your answers.

Let the competition begin……​

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Hey @Jim Dirkes, we try to keep unmethours for Q&A. For announcements, please continue using the existing listservs like and Thanks. I'm going to close this.

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I wondered about that... UnMetHours is the place to be for modeling info, though. In fact, I suspect it may replace the E+ Yahoo forum eventually. No problem, but you might consider allowing an occasional announcement for industry-related news as part of the UMH policy...

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