EnergyPlus or grasshopper - best for dynamic glazing and shading

asked 2017-01-14 05:06:01 -0500 gravatar image

updated 2017-06-04 10:25:00 -0500

Which tool - EnergyPlus or grasshopper -is the best to simulate dynamic glazing like electrochromic glazing and dynamic shading? Why?

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You're currently asking what's the difference between two different things. Grasshopper is a graphical algorithm editor for Rhino. It doesn't do glazing modeling. Some plugins exists, including some based on energyplus (ladybug/honeybee). Which one are you referring to?

Julien Marrec gravatar imageJulien Marrec ( 2017-01-19 06:28:08 -0500 )edit

my work is with accumulating between electrochromic glazing with dynamic horizontal and vertical shading with wide more than 1 meter, I used energy plus, but I was asking if there is another simulation program may be more efficient with dynamic shading ??? gravatar ( 2017-01-20 10:48:16 -0500 )edit