Measures tab error within the OS App pertaining to idf creation

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I have created a building model using OpenStuido 1.12.0 and SketchUp 2016. The building model is relatively simple and does not include any HVAC equipment at this point. For some reason I am unable to export an .idf file using the OpenStudio plug-in menu within SketchUp. There is no failure prompt given by OS, the .idf file is just simply not created. Furthermore, I am getting this error from the measures tab within the OS App:

And unhandled exception has occured.

E:\Git\OS3\openstudiocore\src\utilities\idf\WorkspaceObject.cpp@835 : Attempt to write a disconnected WorkspaceObject out to Idf.

As is expected, when I try and run the simulation from the run tab within the OS App the run fails at the idf conversion step. A little more background; I originally created the building model on my Mac and did not notice this error until I transfered the .osm file to my PC and tried to export the .idf. (I am running OS 1.12 on my Mac and OS 1.14 on my PC). I went back to my Mac to try and export an .idf as well as use the measures tab and I was getting the same errors.

I searched for quite some time in the hopes that I would find an answer but I still can't figure out what I'm doing wrong/what I can do to fix it.

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I am still having trouble finding the cause of the error. I have reverted to recreating my model in hopes of avoiding it as well as periodically checking the .idf creation capability in order to maybe pinpoint what step in the process is causing it. I figured I should also mention that the error causes OS to prompt for a relaunch or to cancel out of the program.

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I was able to recreate my exact model but did not run into this error. So I am no closer to figuring out the cause unfortunately. :/

ryrocha's avatar ryrocha  ( 2017-01-20 16:36:20 -0500 )edit