Thermal factors for windows other than " Sgl,dbl,trp" ,SHGC,U

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updated 2017-05-03 20:50:36 -0500

i was working on an assignment to study the impact of changing window characteristics on Cooling/heating loads. i started my work with the belief that only window type " Single, double, triple", SHGC and U-factors are the main points to consider here but as i'm going with the simulation i can't catch the trend. it seems like when i used different window types on openstudio software. i used different types of single windows. in some cases even though SHGC value was lessand U- value is very similar, cooling loads had increased. when i double check i figured out that might have been caused due to using two different categories of windows. the first one was Single bronze, green, clear 6mm and the other category was Sgl Ref-A-H clr 6mm/ Sgl Ref-D tint 6mm/ etc" that brings me to the question if those factors alone are not enough to judge the thermal performance of glazing. Cooling energy for different window cases the different colors refer to different window categories. thanks

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