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I am running into an error with the open studio forward translator. When exporting a model to SDD, I receive an error stating that the floor print cannot be computed.

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When opening the XML file in CBECC-Com, the polyloop for that space has no coordinates. But the floors in the space and all other surfaces are successfully translated.

In my example model, the space that is having an issue has two floor surfaces. The exposed floor surface has an outside boundary condition while the interior floor surface is adiabatic.

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When i delete the lines separating the exposed floor and have the space with only 1 floor surface, then the error goes away and the SDD export successfully translates the foot print.

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In my model I have multiple spaces that have multiple floor surfaces. Out of about 150 spaces , 4 of them run into this issue. I am attaching an example model where I have isolated one of the spaces with the issue.

Has anyone run into this floor print error or has found a solution. I can't seem to figure out why the floor print for certain spaces cannot be translated in the xml model.

Any help is appreciated.

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