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North-South-East-West orientation

asked 2016-12-23 05:59:02 -0500

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updated 2016-12-23 14:14:34 -0500

Hi there!. I have a model in OpenStudio. I want to ask you how can I understand where is the North in my project? I modelled the building in SketchUp tool, and I saw the green line of ScketchUp as the line directed to the North. So in the pic you can see how i named my zones. Do you think this is the correct orientation? I'm asking because when I run the simulation, I can see that the warmer zone is always the north-west zone, and this seems very strange. Basycally I aspected that south-west or south-east zone should be the warmest. And there are no differences about the internal loads: they are all offices. I'm thinking that if I assume that the red line in sketchUp is the north direction, evrething has more sense. What do you think? Any suggestion? thanks image description image description

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answered 2016-12-26 15:43:02 -0500

The green line represents north unless you have a non-zero value set for the building rotation, in which case you would see a thick orange line representing north.

There could be a lot of reasons why temperatures are higher on the north west zone. First look at the thermostats, and the HVAC equipment. In many fenestration configurations you may also get more solar heat gain on east and west facades than south. Your northwest zone has the largest west exposure of any zone.

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