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Ground heat exchanger horizontal severe errors

asked 2016-12-17 10:51:48 -0500

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updated 2017-05-05 10:16:33 -0500


I'm trying to simulate horizontal ground heat exchanger, connected to heatpumps, one for cooling other for heating, as shown image description

I've selected for ground temperature model the option "Site Ground Temperature"

I keep getting the same severe error Missing "Undisturbed Ground Temperature Model Type" and "Undisturbed Ground Temperature Model Name". Further information on the image bellow image description

Extract from OS idf file image description

From what I was able to understand, from the I-O Reference, the above OS idf file has not the same information of the e+ describes in page 1012 of the I-O reference.

How can I fix this?

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-12-19 14:37:47 -0500

I feel like I'm not understanding something because the idf snippet does not seem to match the content of the error file you posted. That said there was a change in the structure of this object some time back. The change was handled in OpenStudio by me in this commit. This change has been in OpenStudio since version 1.9.3. Is there any chance you are using an older version of OpenStudio, but using a newer version of EnergyPlus for simulation?

One thing I did notice when reviewing the above linked code change is that while OpenStudio is setting the ground temperature model name, it does not appear to be setting the model type. That might be a lingering issue that nobody has uncovered until now, because this model does not get a lot of exercise.

If you send me,, your idf I can debug further.

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@Kyle Benne the snippet doesn't match the error because it's osm and not idf, right? But yeah, it seems the error results from the OSM->IDF translator not handling Ground Temperature Model choices other than "KusudaAchenbach".

ericringold's avatar ericringold  ( 2016-12-19 15:52:41 -0500 )edit

Hi, The last snippet referes to Openstudio .osm file. I'm using version 1.13.3 of openstudio. Kyle, I would like to send you the entire file but due to the nature of the project and contract conditions, I will not be able to do so. thats the most information I can share. I've initially tried the KUSUDA model and the error was the same. In my modest opinion, and taking the I-O reference as guide, OS is not writing the model name and type either into the .osm and when it is converted into .idf for e+ to run it.

Kastro1501's avatar Kastro1501  ( 2016-12-20 02:48:46 -0500 )edit

Sorry I missed the fact that was an osm snippet. The reason it doesn't look consistent with E+ input is because E+ structure has changed since that feature was introduced in OpenStudio. In order to keep the OpenStudio API consistent, we typically handle this kind of change in the OS -> E+ translator, as is the case here. As Eric pointed out, the only valid ground temperature model is "KusudaAchenbach". I think if you switch to that model the E+ idf will look closer to what you expect, however I think I might see a bug in the translation related to setting the model type field.

Kyle Benne's avatar Kyle Benne  ( 2016-12-20 10:34:28 -0500 )edit

I filed a bug about setting the model type field, here. I will commit a fix to that issue shortly, but in the meantime until the fix works into the next software release, you can edit the idf manually or with an E+ Measure in OpenStudio.

Kyle Benne's avatar Kyle Benne  ( 2016-12-20 10:37:44 -0500 )edit

Thank you Kyle. Seams like going back to e+ editor for this one. I'll be waiting for the OS next release, we're having several projects with this feature that have just been commissioned.

Kastro1501's avatar Kastro1501  ( 2016-12-20 16:05:02 -0500 )edit

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