Mechanical Ventilarion Issue

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Hello everyone, I am an engineering student and I am trying to simulate a one store building with all its internal loads and a mechanical ventilation. First of all I do apologize if I type some grammatical error but I am not a native speaker.

I already read a lot of other discussions about this topic and they really helped me to model my building so far. Now I am trying to get deeper into the detail of the mechanical ventilation and I encountered some problems.

I followed this discussion ( ) to model my mechanical ventilation air loop and mine looks like this ( )

I assigned a Design Specification Outdoor Air ( m^3/s ) for all my space. ( ).

I changed some parameters in OS:SizingSystem as ahown in the image. ( ). Basically I want at least 18 °C during heating and at least 24 °C during cooling time.

I have some questions: - Where can I set the hours during which I want the mechanical ventilation to work? ( I tried to modify the minimum outdoor schedule Name in OS:Controller:OutdoorAir but it doesn't seem working) - Is this all I need to set in order to have the zone air temperature behaviours displayed?

  • These are the warnings I got from the simulation: * Warning * ProcessScheduleInput: ScheduleTypeLimits="CONTROLMODE", Unit Type="CONTROLMODE" is invalid.

* Warning * ProcessScheduleInput: ScheduleTypeLimits="LINEARPOWERDENSITY", Unit Type="LINEARPOWERDENSITY" is invalid.

* Warning * ProcessScheduleInput: ScheduleTypeLimits="VOLUMETRICFLOWRATE", Unit Type="VOLUMETRICFLOWRATE" is invalid.

* Warning * ProcessScheduleInput: Schedule:Constant="ALWAYS OFF DISCRETE", Blank Schedule Type Limits Name input -- will not be validated.

* Warning * ProcessScheduleInput: Schedule:Constant="ALWAYS ON CONTINUOUS", Blank Schedule Type Limits Name input -- will not be validated.

* Warning * UpdateZoneSizing: Cooling supply air temperature (calculated) within 5C of zone temperature * ~~~ * ...check zone thermostat set point and design supply air temperatures * ~~~ * name = THERMAL ZONE 1 * ~~~ * sensible cooling load = 6197.53 W * ~~~ * ...thermostat set point temp = 0.000 C * ~~~ * temperature = 23.984 C * ~~~ * air temperature = 20.000 C * ~~~ * ...temperature difference = -3.98425 C * ~~~ * ...calculated volume flow rate = 1.26792 m3/s * ~~~ * ...calculated mass flow rate = 1.52407 kg/s

* Warning * GetAirPathData: AirLoopHVAC="AIR LOOP HVAC 1" has no Controllers.

Anyone can explain me which errors I should consider and which I should disregard? I would like to know the meaning of the penultimate warning.

Thank you very much. This site is really helpfull and I really appreciate your work.

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