Central heating system with microCHP

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I am trying to create a central heating system with the use of microcHP instead of a HWboiler. The design of the system includes a variable speed pump, a heating water loop supply splitter, a microchp, a heating water supply mixer, an adiabatic pipe, a heating water demand splitter, coils, heating water loop demand mixer, heating water loop demand outlet pipe and finally the water returns to the pump.

The energyplus model seems to run without any severe errors. But at the end i have no electricity power and heating production from the system with the use of microchp.

Could anybody give me any further information that will help me to solve this problem?

Thank you in advance.

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Do you have ElectricLoadCenter:Distribution and ElectricLoadCenter:Generators objects in your model? Details on these objects here: http://bigladdersoftware.com/epx/docs/8-6/input-output-reference/group-electric-load-center-generator.html#electricloadcenterdistribution. Make sure the availability schedule for your cogen unit is set to on for the hours you want it on.

mdahlhausen's avatar mdahlhausen  ( 2016-12-15 13:53:48 -0500 )edit

Thank you very much! I 've added the objects that you suggested and now i have electricity production. But as i can see from the report tables of eneryplus, i still have no heating production. Moreover, when i simulate an annual schedule, the water in the heating system rises too high at a temperature over 100oC. How could i solve these problems?

Reid's avatar Reid  ( 2016-12-16 14:20:21 -0500 )edit

Check to make sure that your cogen system is connected to your heating plant loop.

mdahlhausen's avatar mdahlhausen  ( 2016-12-16 15:09:17 -0500 )edit

@mdahlhausen@Reid, Hey I am also trying to simulate a building with decentral gas combined heat power, but with OpenStudio and not with E+ . Is it possible with openstudio? Is the ElectricLoadCenter, a measure? How can I download it? Thanks :)

Raghda Derbel's avatar Raghda Derbel  ( 2018-08-23 10:14:08 -0500 )edit

yes, but it is only available through the API. You could write a script or OS measure to do that. See documentation on measure writing.

mdahlhausen's avatar mdahlhausen  ( 2018-08-23 10:45:44 -0500 )edit