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Availability Managers for High/Low Temperature Turn-off in OS

asked 2016-12-01 10:23:58 -0600

jugonzal07 gravatar image

updated 2017-09-20 06:42:42 -0600

I've been working on a script to add solar hot water collectors and their respective loops into an OSM. When testing my OSM I got the following error.

** Warning ** GetSpecificHeatGlycol: Temperature out of range (too high) for fluid [WATER] specific heat **
 **   ~~~   **   This error occurred 8385 total times;
 **   ~~~   **   during Warmup 0 times;
 **   ~~~   **   during Sizing 0 times.
 **   ~~~   **   Max=96005.281211 {C}  Min=254.576945 {C}

When looking at the E+ example file SolarCollectorFlatPlateWater.idf I found that maybe this was due to me not adding the OS equivalent of a AvailabilityManager:HighTemperatureTurnOff object (line 582). It's possible I'm being very dense, but I'm not seeing this type of availabilitymanager in the OS:Model SDK documentation. Am I looking in the wrong place or has this type of availability manager not been added or possibly not needed in OS? Should I be using a different object?

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-12-04 17:39:11 -0600

You're right, AvailabilityManager:HighTemperatureTurnOff is not in the OpenStudio SDK yet. This was an oversight and I've filed an issue for it.

In the near term, you can either:

  • Use an EnergyPlus Measure to add this object.
  • Use an OpenStudio Measure to write EMS (available in the 1.13.3 developer release, and soon to be 1.14.0 major release) to control it yourself.
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