how to model a single (interior) zone in a multistorey building using openstudio

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Hi all,

I am confronted with a challenge of the appropriate modeling approach for an office space in a retrofit project. The details of the problems are as follows:

  1. the office is located on the 5th floor of a multistorey office complex;
  2. It is located in the core zone, hence none of the walls and floors is exposed to the external environment;
  3. one of the walls is half-glazed;
  4. the simulation concerns only the office space, hence all adjacent spaces do not require simulation but the temperature of these adjacent spaces are similar to that of the office space under consideration

I am faced with the challenge of the appropriate modeling way(s). My approach are as follows

  1. model only the office space
  2. set the floor level at 12m (3m x 4 level) above (as the office is on the 5th floor) the ground (to take care of pressure variation with height)
  3. set the outside boundary condition to "Adiabatic", sun exposure to "NoSun" and wind exposure to "NoWind"

I will like to seek for advice on the appropriateness or otherwise of my approach including all other suggestions.


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