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I have an EMS file that runs with No erros but doesn't control the output

asked 2016-11-22 02:37:53 -0500


AvailabilityManager:Scheduled, Packaged Rooftop Air Conditioner Availability Manager, Cycle;

EnergyManagementSystem:Sensor, AptTemp, BLOCK1:ZONE1, Zone Mean Air Temperature;

EnergyManagementSystem:Sensor, hSP, BLOCK1:ZONE1, Zone Thermostat Heating Setpoint Temperature;

EnergyManagementSystem:Actuator, AvailSCH_Overwrite, Cycle, Schedule:Constant, Schedule Value;

EnergyManagementSystem:ProgramCallingManager, Supervision, BeginTimestepBeforePredictor, HVAC_uncontolledloop_Supervision;

EnergyManagementSystem:Program, HVAC_uncontolledloop_Supervision, SET Toffset = 4, IF AptTemp > (hSP - 0.01), SET AvailSCH_Overwrite = 0, ELSEIF AvailSCH_Overwrite == 0 && AptTemp >= (hSP - Toffset), SET AvailSCH_Overwrite = 0, ELSE, SET AvailSCH_Overwrite = 1, ENDIF;set.PNG

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-11-28 05:38:55 -0500

I get correct results in energyplus but no change in designbuilder output

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Asked: 2016-11-22 02:37:53 -0500

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