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What objects do you recommend me to use in order to model a mechanical ventilation system with heat recovery, air to water heat pump for heating and cooling?

asked 2016-11-14 12:36:17 -0500

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updated 2016-11-14 13:24:05 -0500

Currently I am trying with the AirTerminalSingleDuct:Reheat but I don't know if this is the best way since I am at the very begining in using Energy Plus.

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answered 2016-11-15 08:24:20 -0500

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It's a really difficult problem for a beginner ! Best way in my opinion is to use Open Studio interface to describe all your loops.

For your AHU, you can use a Controller:OutdoorAir with HeatExchanger:AirTo:Air and Fans.

For the air source HP I think the best object will be this one : But for now you can try the HeatPump:WaterHeater (I had lots of problems with it...). Else you can try the ChillerHeaterPerformance:Electric:EIR (EnergyPlus only).

If you want more information, we'll need more details.

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Yes indeed. I find it quite difficult. The system is implemented in a passive house. The mechanical ventilation systems extracts the air form bathrooms and kitchen and supply fresh air in bedrooms and living room. The air to water heat pump is used for heating and DHW (for DHW there is also a solar panel). The system has two water storage systems (heating buffer and a boiler for DHW). The heating system is served by fan convecters installed in the ceiling.

Cristina's avatar Cristina  ( 2016-11-28 04:38:13 -0500 )edit

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