How to model 4 pipe air source heat pump using energy plus

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I am developing a typical office building with air source heat pump and heating and cooling source. I use HVAC template plant:Chiller for cooling source and set condenser type as aircooled. As the system is 4 pipe, how to set heating mode? I find HVACtemplate plant: Boiler but the boiler type does not fit the design conditions. I am wondering in the HVACtemplate: Plant chilled water loop, the chilled plant operation scheme type can be userdefined. Can I achieve it through define userdefined scheme for heating and cooling mode? Oh other ways to achieve it?

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You can't. I recommend you use Coil:WaterHeating:AirToWaterHeatPump:Pumped object which is used to simulate air source heat pump for hot water. You can achieve this by three steps. The first step is use HVACTemplate:Plant:Boiler to build the hot water plant loop. After running the simulation, find out expidf file and change its suffix to idf. The third step is to replace the boiler object with Coil:WaterHeating:AirToWaterHeatPump:Pumped.

TianZhichao's avatar TianZhichao  ( 2016-10-29 02:51:08 -0500 )edit

Thanks for your reply! It works! The additional question is related to operation schedule. As we split heat pump into cooling and heating mode. Actually there are three heat pumps that flexibly adjust to fulfil heating and cooling demand. Thus the heating and cooling is splited, as my understanding, the only method is to adjust operation schedule. Is it right?

Sherry_161026's avatar Sherry_161026  ( 2016-11-01 02:27:27 -0500 )edit