OS evaporative-coil air loop

asked 2016-10-14 16:53:12 -0500

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In an direct evaporative cooling application, in Bogota, cooling design outdoor temperature is 70/56°F°C (DB/WB), but in some days outdoor temperature is 77°C, for this days i want to cool the outdoor air using a dx cooling coil.

Te AHU supply temperature is 58°F

The problem is, if the coil is located before the evaporative cooler. the software show error.

If the coil is after the evaporative cooler, it show reults but the size of the chiller is to big, because, take the inlet coil temperature like the outdoor air an not the temperature leaving the evaporative cooler (see the image).

C:\fakepath\EVAP COIL.jpg

How can i set the software to size the chiller at the real capacity (from leaving cooler temp to 58°F)

If i use a dx cooling coil in the outdoor air (before the evaporative cooler), Can i use a setpoint manager to control the temperature of the outdoor air? and next a setpoint manager for the evaporative cooler?

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