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In a 80T scroll chiller water plant (only one chiller), 3 Variable speed AHU in Barranquilla Colombia, the chiller has a reference COP= 3.5 an condenser temperature ref=95°F, optimum COP =0.25

The size of AHU are good, the chiller size is good, but in the simulation the chiller COP is lower at low capacities, can someone tell me why if the optimum COP is at 0.25, at lower capacities must be lower COP, i would expect Higer COP than 3.5 at 50% because lower outdoor temperatures and less capacity.

C:\fakepath\Electric chiller COP.png

C:\fakepath\Electric chiller.png

How can i attach an osm file?

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Thank you, I did a test with other chiller from ep and I had better results. I want to know if is the same issue with dx coil? And water to air hp?

HJOJOA's avatar HJOJOA  ( 2016-10-09 19:10:33 -0500 )edit