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furnace help for pay

asked 2016-09-28 06:36:28 -0500

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Gentlemen & Ladies,

I am asking for one hour of someone’s time, for which I will gladly pay, to assist me in getting a furnace to work for a one zone/one space building model. I have spent a couple of days trying to get a successful run to no avail. After fiddling with some controls that I thought would provide a thermostat and air flow, I did get a successful run - for electricity only. The furnace fan runs but no gas is consumed while it runs. The errors saying that there is no thermostat and no air flow are still in the output log.

I am not a newbie at this. Three years ago I used energy plus to evaluate a LEED certified building in Chicago. At that time the HVAC component of the software was not quite ready for prime time, but one fellow working with NREL at that time was very helpful in getting a much more complex HVAC system to work.

So, I’m just asking for help with getting a furnace template to work. It really should not be this complicated.

I am working on a real project that has a completion date this Friday. So I am really in need. My contact information is below.

Thank you for what you can do.

Bob Tinker 734-429-2925

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answered 2016-09-28 09:31:11 -0500

I opened your input (idf) file and see no thermostat. The set point manager in your file is a SetpointManager:SingleZone:OneStageHeating which is not what I would think should be used as a control for the gas heating coil. In OS, do you have any other options for set point managers to choose from? I changed your file to include a thermostat and changed the set point manager to be SetpointManager:SingleZone:Heating and the zone is now controlling the temperature to 20C for heating. I suspect there is a method to include a thermostat into your OS file which is what I believe you need to correct.

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OpenStudio does not have SetpointManager:SingleZone:Heating, but I think SetpointManager:SingleZone:Reheat (which it does have) should work.

ericringold's avatar ericringold  ( 2016-09-28 09:37:52 -0500 )edit

Thank you for your time, Richard. I selected the SetpointManager:SingleZone:OneStageHeating in place of the terminal reheat SPM that was part of the furnace template (which has never run). When I go to the thermal zone tab, I see the placeholder for a heating thermostat schedule. There is none in my library for my building type (midrise apartment), so I use Medium Office HtgSetp. Is this the thermostat? If not, where are the thermostats?

EnergyNerd's avatar EnergyNerd  ( 2016-09-28 09:49:39 -0500 )edit

Yes, that's the thermostat. You need to drag the 'Medium Office HtgSetp' from the library to your zone heating setpoint area. See:

ericringold's avatar ericringold  ( 2016-09-28 09:56:28 -0500 )edit

Thanks Eric, I added the Medium Office HtgSetp as suggested. Richard and I changed the set points for the SetpointManager:SingleZone:OneStageHeating to 70 and 74. The model will run. It does produce gas consumption now. Looking at the EP error code - it says my only zone still has no thermostat. I also checked the link you provided. Regarding Mathew's comments in that thread. When I loaded the MidRiseApartment Library, no HtgSetp or ClgSetp options were included. I also don't understand the need to download components from BCL in order to assign the schedules, since presumably one did that.

EnergyNerd's avatar EnergyNerd  ( 2016-09-28 11:08:41 -0500 )edit

If you do File -> Load Library and choose the MidriseApartment.osm library file, then navigate to your zone tab, and in the pane on the right in the 'Library' tab, select Schedule Rulesets and scroll down you should see a 'MidriseApartment Apartment HtgSetp' and 'MidriseApartment Apartment ClgSetp'. Drag each of those to the area in your thermal zone row in the 'Heating Thermostat Schedule' and 'Cooling Thermostat Schedule' columns. You've now assigned thermostat schedules. If you want to edit those schedules, you can do that in the schedule tab. No need to download anything from BCL.

ericringold's avatar ericringold  ( 2016-09-28 11:22:24 -0500 )edit

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