How to extract solar conduction through window and solar radiation through window from result

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Hello Everyone, I need help here pls, From my recent simulation am trying to calculate the total heat transfer through my building wall and from the results, I have problem figuring out if the sum of ''glazing'' and ''Solar Gains Exterior Windows'' gives me just that.

However, from Design builder help these information is made available

Glazing - the total heat flow to the zone from the glazing, frame and divider of exterior glazing excluding transmitted short-wave solar radiation

Solar Gains Exterior Windows - Short-wave solar radiation transmission through all external windows. For a bare window, this transmitted radiation consists of solar radiation passing through the glass and diffuse radiation from solar reflected from the outside window reveal, if present.

But there is also ''Solar Incidence'' values which am not sure how those values has been calculated.

I will appreciate any insight in to these. Thanks Olutobi

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