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Setting Separate Availability Schedules for Radiant Heating vs Cooling [closed]

asked 2016-08-15 12:26:03 -0500

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updated 2017-05-08 18:35:18 -0500

I have an EnergyPlus model in which I am trying to set my radiant heating coil to be available only seasonally - I want to have my slab only heat during the winter and only cool during the summer. However, Whenever I set my cooling coil availability to be 0 during the winter, my heating shuts off too and the coil only operates at all during the cooling coil availability.

These coils are on separate loops and have separate pumps. So, I have tried setting my pump associated with my cooling loop to only be on during the summer, but once again, it shuts down my radiant heating flow too - even though it is assigned to a separate schedule.

Each radiant loop has supply equipment of a constant speed pump, a water to water heat pump coil, and a bypass pipe. The demand side equipment is simply a radiant coil and a bypass pipe. I have one loop for heating and one loop for cooling. I simply want to be able to operate them independently but they seemed tied together for some reason. Has anyone else encountered this or found a work-around?

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answered 2016-08-15 12:33:54 -0500

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If the slab is the only conditioning equipment and you are using zone MeanAirTemperature control type, you should be able to accomplisth this by adjusting the zone thermostat schedules. Setback the heating thermostat to something very low during the entire summer and setup the cooling thermostat during the winter.

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Thank you for the answer. Unfortunately, this zone is also served by an air-system that relies on the same zone thermostat, so I do not think I can use that work-around for this situation.

DW's avatar DW  ( 2016-08-15 12:38:56 -0500 )edit

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