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Windows Without a Pane in Openstudio

asked 2016-08-03 11:16:34 -0500

nefret gravatar image

updated 2016-08-03 13:00:23 -0500

Hi All,

I've had a search through the forum and can't find this anywhere, nor can I find anything in the documentation to help me out. I feel like I'm missing something really obvious but I'm not sure what.

I'm attempting to reconstruct buildings from archaeological remains as part of a research project to gauge temperature fluctuations within each room based on different architectural configurations. The major stumbling block I'm running into is getting the windows set up in order to facilitate natural ventilation, as, given these are ancient Egyptian houses, none of these windows have panes but they do have shutters. Is there any way of creating something in open studio that will function as a window (including shading controls) but run without there being a pane present?

So far, I have tried reducing the thickness of a given pane to zero with no success. And effectively creating a hole in the wall doesn't allow me to add shutters. I have identified all my windows as operable, but I don't think this is properly capturing what would have actually been going on in the building (especially as there is quite a bit of leakage through the shutters).

Apologies if this is a doofus question, but I come from an archaeology background rather than an architecture one and this is my first attempt using OS.

Thanks in advance everyone!


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1 Answer

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answered 2016-08-03 12:57:18 -0500

Adam Hilton gravatar image

Surfaces can't have holes in them or be 'zero thickness'. See the answers to this question for a solution.

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Sorry - just to be sure I understand: essentially panes in the windows should have no effect assuming natural ventilation is set up correctly? Thanks so much for your help. :)

nefret gravatar image nefret  ( 2016-08-04 03:18:06 -0500 )edit

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