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window thickness

asked 2016-07-15 04:38:51 -0500

shahin1992 gravatar image

updated 2016-07-17 04:13:29 -0500

I'm using openstudio defaults to create a model and i want to know window thickness in case of using single pane and if there is no default available how can i set that manually, regards!!

image description

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2 Answers

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answered 2016-07-15 09:43:57 -0500

A couple of things about window in OS/E+:

  • A construction just shows you what materials make it up, you need to go to the materials to see their properties.
  • In your case, the fixed window material is a simple glazing system window material. This type of material just has inputs for U-Factor, SHGC, and VT (note that this is for the window assembly including the frame, not the center of glass window values).
  • If you want to actually build the glazing type you need to build a window with glazing materials and layers, glass + air + glass for a double pane. Note that if you are doing these then you need to have frame and divider objects for your windows as well. See here
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now i know i've the U-Factor, SHGC, and VT but yet the type of glazing type, thickness is unknown! i'm doing a research paper on the impact of changing WWR, Blind legnth and Blind tilt angle on 50 models in 3 cities, i didn't design an actual window layers cause i didn't think i need to change the defaults since my point is making the comparison between those cases based on WWR and Blinds characteristics. so all i need now is to add to my paper the glazing default type " Single, Double " and thickness " 6 mm " For example and the deadline is by the end of this week!

shahin1992 gravatar image shahin1992  ( 2016-07-16 06:18:16 -0500 )edit

when i make changes to these taps here i get no change in the final results which i don't understand why ?!


shahin1992 gravatar image shahin1992  ( 2016-07-16 06:21:05 -0500 )edit

answered 2016-07-15 09:48:42 -0500

updated 2016-07-17 21:43:48 -0500

Further to @TaylorRoberts answer, you can set thickness of the glass in the material tab; you can set the thickness of the wall/sill/shading elements with a Window:FrameAndDivider object.

You can also use the Window and/or Optics programs to exercise total control of these elements and roll them up into a single element for inclusion in an OpenStudio model.

Updated Jul 17 2016

According to your additional comments, you don't know the thickness of the glazing, but you do know the SHGC/VLT/U info, and are merely evaluating the changes to window area and shading configuration. All the more reason to use the "Simple Glazing System" material type IMO; that material only requires these three inputs to describe the glazing performance. Then you can use measures to vary the WWR and shading configurations. Does this make sense?

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thanks for your comment, please check my reply above if you may have information that can help, Regards!

shahin1992 gravatar image shahin1992  ( 2016-07-16 06:22:38 -0500 )edit

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