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louvers with long distance to the building should be inside the zone or outside the zone?

asked 2016-07-03 06:58:00 -0500

updated 2017-05-04 08:49:38 -0500

I have a louver with three blades(2.0m x 0.5m) adjacent to my building by 2.0m distance as a shading surfaces.image a.

I would like to know that they have to be inside the zone (in blue color) like image b OR outside the zone(in violet color) like image c.

if I design outside the zone,it will have significant different result compare to inside the zone or not?

Thanks in advance for any help.

image a image description

image b image description

image c image description

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-07-04 12:43:26 -0500

updated 2016-07-05 03:09:00 -0500

Doesn't really matter unless you'll rotate the building.

See Shading:Zone:Detailed:

This object is used to describe attached “subsurfaces” such as overhangs, wings or fins that project outward from a base surface. This classification is used for convenience; actually, a device of this type can cast shadows on the surface to which it is attached as well as on adjacent surfaces. For example, a fin may shade its parent wall as well as adjacent walls

See the documentation for Detached Shading Surfaces, especially Shading:Site:Detailed and Shading:Building:Detailed.

If relative coordinates are used (ref: Field: Coordinate System in GlobalGeometryRules), shading surfaces entered with Shading:Site:Detailed remain stationary if the building is rotated, whereas those entered with Shading:Building:Detailed rotate with the building. If world coordinates are used Shading:Site:Detailed and Shading:Building:Detailed are equivalent.

I generally choose to use a detached shading group (image c, purple)

Note that whether or not you put the shading surface to "touch" a building surface such as a wall, it won't participate in heat transfer anyways.

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@Julien Marrec, Thank you Julien for your reply.

4Designer gravatar image 4Designer  ( 2016-07-05 03:06:51 -0500 )edit

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