Ideal air loads System " central or individual " ?? [closed]

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i'm an Architecture Engineer with no experience with HVAC design. i read in previous questions about the use of ideal air loads system and it was quite helpful to give me a sense of the heating/ cooling loads according to different architectural features, but there is something i need to understand here about the configuration of the system. is it based on a central system or an individual system and if individual how can i tell the input and output units used for the room and if it's central how can i tell how many air handling unit in every room ? thanks

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This is NOT an openstudio question, but a general EnergyPlus one. Read the IdealLoadsAirSystem doc.

idealLoads has been discussed countless time on this site too.

I'm closing the question until you've read the doc and searched unmet hours, if then you still have a valid question, we can reassess.

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