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Errors with small surfaces in OpenStudio

asked 2016-06-07 11:37:35 -0500

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updated 2016-06-07 11:53:39 -0500

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Modeling a building with OPS interface, i found problems when intersect faces between zones (one above other), small surfaces created cause matching problems, this small surfaces are created when intersecting faces, how can i avoid this situation? or let the program work with these small surfaces? how can fix it when match in the drawing?

Is there a way to change the software tolerance to to allow the software to ignore these small areas?

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Can you post a picture of the surfaces you're seeing?

Adam Hilton's avatar Adam Hilton  ( 2016-06-07 11:51:22 -0500 )edit

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answered 2016-06-07 12:28:24 -0500

In Sketchup, running the 'OSM Diagnostic Script' (Extensions > OpenStudio User Scripts > Reports > OSM Diagnostic Script) on your model with 'Remove Objects with Warnings?' set to 'true' will remove surfaces with area less than 0.1 m^2. I find this to be a decent quick fix. If you want to change that criteria, you can edit the script, which is located at C:\Program Files\OpenStudio 1.11.4\Ruby\openstudio\sketchup_plugin\user_scripts\Reports.

Avoiding the creation of these surfaces in the first place is tricky, and involves being very careful with how you set up geometry for the building as a whole, not just floor by floor.

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