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Installing OpenStudio 1.5.3 32 bit for installed SketchUp 2015 32 bit:

asked 2014-12-05 11:02:32 -0500

BettaninPEng's avatar

updated 2015-04-13 15:26:18 -0500

"32-bit Openstudio is incompatibile with 64-bit Sketchup 2015. The OpenStudio Sketchup Plug-in will not installed". Can You help me?

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I've reinstalled SketchUp 2015 32-bit and then the OpenStudio 1.5.0 32 bit but there is the error message when start: "Error loading OpenStudio SkethUp Plug-In: 64-bit OpenStudio is incompatible with 32-bit SketchUp 2015". My PC is Windows 7 32-bit. Thank You for help.

BettaninPEng's avatar BettaninPEng  ( 2015-01-03 05:24:37 -0500 )edit

3 Answers

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answered 2014-12-05 11:26:14 -0500

updated 2014-12-05 11:29:56 -0500

Here is another question on Unmet Hours addressing this:

Install OpenStudio plugin for SketchUp 2014 for Windows

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answered 2014-12-05 12:18:13 -0500

See this answer:

You'll have to download OpenStudio v1.5.3 Win64 from our GitHub Release page.

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answered 2014-12-25 04:54:47 -0500

scrapsparcs's avatar

I have the Open Studio update running 64bit with Sketchup 2015 this seems to solve install problems for 64 bit

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