Zone predicted sensible load to setpoint heat transfer rate [closed]

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link text in an earlier discussion on here seemed like there was an agreement on using the zone predicted sensible load setpoint to heat transfer rate as an output for the heating/cooling hourly loads, i did so to get the loads for an assignment i've at school but i yet don't understand what's these two " zone predicted sensible load to cooling/Heating setpoint heat transfer" and the general one Zone predicted sensible load to setpoint heat transfer rate, how do they combine to calculate the third one? and if the positive load is for heating and the negative one for cooling why i'm i getting negative values in the heating column " highlighted in light orange " and positive ones in the cooling column" highlighted in blue" . i attached my file here link text here is a link to the OSM file link text i'm sorry for my beginner level in openstudio. help is urgently needed cause i'm facing a deadline to my assignment very soon. regards,

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