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How to use the new Ground Heat Transfer (slab model integration) in Energyplus 8.2

asked 2014-12-05 01:59:15 -0600

Xandrika gravatar image

updated 2015-07-11 18:53:21 -0600

One of the new feature of Energyplus 8.2 is Integrated slab calculations that now allow improved simulation of ground heat transfer. However, I could not find any information on this new feature in energyplus documentation. Which input object do I have to use to activate the improved detailed ground heat transfer? Are there any example file to try this new Energyplus feature?

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answered 2014-12-05 09:05:02 -0600

updated 2014-12-05 09:05:46 -0600

That is a great new feature of 8.2. You will want to use the Site:GroundDomain object, which has documentation in the IORef and EngRef. There are 3 example files packaged with 8.2 that use this object:

  • 5ZoneAirCooledWithCoupledInGradeSlab.idf
  • SlabInGradeWithInsulation.idf
  • SlabOnGradeWithInsulation.idf

In our development code, we have also implemented an integrated basement model, which made us rename that object to SIte:GroundDomain:Slab to differentiate it from the new SIte:GroundDomain:Basement. Keep an eye out for this in the next (8.3...) EnergyPlus release.

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Thanks @Edwin. After serveral trial I got my model running with Site:GroundDomain object. I would like to add for not so experience Energyplus user: Do not forget to create SurfaceProperty:OtherSideConditionModel object that should have the name of you GroundCoupledOSCM model and indicate type of modelling "GroundCoupledSurface"

Xandrika gravatar image Xandrika  ( 2014-12-06 23:42:02 -0600 )edit

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