How to model an underground heating system

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I am quiet new, using EnergyPlus. I have been looking to EnergyPlus inputs and I am not sure how to create an underground heating system, made of several layers. The specific heating element I would like to model is foil heaters (total power rating 725W). The ground in made out of : - floor - gypsum board - foil heaters - floor

Can anyone help me on this ? I would be very thankful! Regards

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I think you mean underfloor heater (i.e., heated floor or radiant floor) rather than underground heater. Yes?

__AmirRoth__ gravatar image __AmirRoth__  ( 2016-05-13 11:08:05 -0600 )edit

Yes, that is correct !

Paulo gravatar image Paulo  ( 2016-06-21 19:35:32 -0600 )edit