How to model a Cooling Tower and Steam Meter as the WSHP Plant Equipment in eQUEST?

asked 2016-05-10 12:58:53 -0500

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Hello All, In eQUEST, I am trying to model a traditional water source heat pump system with a cooling tower and a steam meter, but I am having difficulty connecting the steam meter to the water source heat pump loop. What I have found is the steam meter will only connect to a hot water loop. My first thought was to create a separate hot water loop with a steam meter and link the two loops with a heat exchanger, but it appears that the heat echangers within eQUEST are only used for cooling towers, fluid coolers, or dry coolers.

Is there a way to replace the heating boiler in a water source heat pump system with a steam meter or any other form of purchased heat? Has anyone successfully implemented a work around for this particular condition? As a last resort, I am considering modeling the boiler as 100% Efficient. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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