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How do I model electrochromic glazing in Energyplus in order to getting continuesly dim ?

asked 2016-04-12 08:29:34 -0500

maryam's avatar

updated 2017-06-04 10:29:13 -0500

in input output reference I found a model for electrochromic glazing but it just switch between tow mode (clear and dark) but I want it switch at least between 4 mode or darken continuesly . I'd be appriciate if someone help me.

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Have you used the search function? See this question and this one

Julien Marrec's avatar Julien Marrec  ( 2016-04-12 08:47:39 -0500 )edit

Does that answer your question maryam?

Julien Marrec's avatar Julien Marrec  ( 2016-04-12 14:06:58 -0500 )edit

2 Answers

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answered 2016-04-12 17:06:39 -0500

Yes, the built-in objects only support two-state EC glazings. In order to do more than two states, you need to use EMS. I don't know of any commercially available EC glazing products that do more than four tint states, and none that have a continuous selectable range.

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answered 2016-04-17 08:30:37 -0500

maryam's avatar

Thank you all for your answers,As Julen Marrec told I tired befor in that solution but it was not correct way to model this, As rpg777 said I tried to model it by using EMS, and I didn't received any errors, but how can I sure my model work well and is correct? I want be sure that all 4 step of Electrochromic glazing in my model work well.

I modeled it like this: I defined physical properties of steps in WindowMaterialGlazing after that I defined 4 window becuse of 4 levels of Electrochromic window in Construction(I just have 1 window in my structure and I am doubtful about defining 4 type of window) . In FenestrationSurface Detail I had to use just one of levels for define my window and I defined first level of this(am I right?). In WindowPropertyshading control I defined all 4 steps az switchable glaing , and in EMS I defined the name of windows that I made in 'Construction'. I'd be really appreciate if someone check me. thank you

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This is not an answer, but either a comment or an edit to your original question.

Julien Marrec's avatar Julien Marrec  ( 2016-04-17 09:18:10 -0500 )edit

And yes, I've done electrochromic glazing with four steps before, I did create 4 constructions and I was switching them in EMS. What variable are you using to do you logic? Solar irradiance or something?

Julien Marrec's avatar Julien Marrec  ( 2016-04-17 09:19:36 -0500 )edit

For EMS should I use only "EnergyManagementSystem:ConstructionIndexVariable"?or I need to fill others EMS? I want to estimate annual heating and cooling and lighting electricity consumption when I am using Electrochroic glazing in building.

maryam's avatar maryam  ( 2016-04-18 02:05:28 -0500 )edit

by using EMS for Switchable windows, it doesn't calculate the cooling loads for the zones .. can you help me with this ??? @maryam's avatar  ( 2016-10-08 11:47:46 -0500 )edit

@ Julien Marrec hi,i made four EC constructions and they switched,the logic is solar irradiance,however,the illumiance map and Daylighting control DGI didn't change,im very confused,do you have the same problem?or you know how to fix that?

Roy_Xu's avatar Roy_Xu  ( 2024-04-26 04:51:33 -0500 )edit

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