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Trouble saving Openstudio plugin 1.5.3 for google sketchup 2015

asked 2014-11-30 06:12:24 -0500

youngbin pi's avatar

updated 2014-11-30 13:20:58 -0500

I'm using openstudio plugin 1.5.3 and sketchup 2015 for energy analysis in the building. What I've been trying by far was following up on the manual which had been released by NREL. The problems are , after building the hardware, thermal zones, space types and etc.. through the sketchup 2015 , I can't save those information as osm file in the directory which causes impossibility to take the next step to Openstudio 1.5.3, running the simulation and setting up the HVAC and etc.

And also, I've got 64-bit system. If I installed 32bit programs (sketchup, openstudio), would they still work properly?

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Yes, you can run almost any 32 bit software on a 64 bit system. The only real exception is antivirus programs so Sketchup and OpenStudio ought to be fine.

Jamie Bull's avatar Jamie Bull  ( 2014-11-30 06:50:16 -0500 )edit

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answered 2014-11-30 11:25:10 -0500

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Thank you very much ! helped me a lot

youngbin pi's avatar youngbin pi  ( 2014-11-30 11:53:19 -0500 )edit

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