Removing Humidification System Cause E+ Error

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I am running O/S 1.8.5 and tried to enter a humidifer on one of my air handlers serving 4 zones. I had a Setpoint Manager: Multi-Zone Heating Average and I added a 2nd Setpoint Manager: Multi-Zone Minimum Humidity Average. For each zone I created a humidistat and gave it a humidistat name in the Thermal Zone tab on the graphical input. I created a humidity Schedule to maintain (have no idea on which of the Schedule types to select is vaguely related to % RH so I picked mass/flow in kg/sec and set it at a constant 29 kg/sec to start).

I ran it an it failed in E+ (version 8.3).

The error was that I was missing my "HVAC Air Loop Name" as it was blank and it was required. I can assure you that my air loop has a name. I even thought my name was too long (AHU_Z1_Z2_Z10_Z17) or unrecognizable so I changed it to "mike" and got the same error.

I then manually removed everything (setpoint managers, humidifier, humidity Schedule, zone humidistat names). In order to remove the zone humidistat names the interface does not have a delete feature for the name, so I initially tried leaving it blank for each zone and ran it but got the same error.

I then manually deleted each zone and re-linked it thinking that would remove the humidistat name. No luck the same error appeared.

I then deleted the entire air handling system and re-entered a new system with the same characteristics but no humidification. I get the same error.

I realize that I should save Under a new name after each little change but I did not so I am hoping someone has encountered this before and can help.

3 Questions:

  1. If I want to model humidification is there somewhere I can find entry level instructions as the Open Studio 1.9 Basic Workflow Guide does not help.

  2. If I want to model humidification with a scheduled zone minimum RH level (35% RH) what units should I use from the available O/S 1.8.5 options to create such a Schedule?

  3. If I want to remove a humidification system, is there a specific order to remove the components to avoid E+ errors.

Thank you for even reading this far.


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