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Creating a coating layer on WINDOW 7.4

asked 2016-03-21 12:35:39 -0500

João Rodrigues's avatar

updated 2016-10-20 19:50:01 -0500

Hi there,

I am trying to model a glass window using the software WINDOW 7.4, to obtain values to use in OpenStudio.

The problem is that i have 4 layers of glass, 2 coatings and 2 layes of noise attenuator.

How can i create a coating layer on WINDOW 7.4?

Cheers :) João

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-05-17 19:48:37 -0500

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The glazing in the IGDB already has the coatings on them. You have to choose glazing that has the coating that you want. If the IGDB doesn't have the coating you want then you have to work in the Optics software then import the output of that program into Window7.

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Thanks for the reply. I solved the problem by using the glass maker software that gave me the values i needed for openstudio. But working in the optics proprierties would do nice as well.

João Rodrigues's avatar João Rodrigues  ( 2016-05-18 08:36:38 -0500 )edit

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