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openstudio: input file errors and warnings

asked 2014-11-25 20:38:42 -0500

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updated 2014-11-26 00:20:46 -0500

I'm using sketchup 2014, open studio 1.5, and energyplus 8.1. I open small office IDF file which is downloaded from DOE website. A window pops up and gives me the warning:

"OpenStudio could not import all EnergyPlus Idf objects into your model, 409 objects could not be translated. To export these objects please use 'Plugins->OpenStudio->Export->Export Untranslated EnergyPlus Idf".

I followed the instruction. My question is how this warning affects the simulation results?

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1 Answer

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answered 2014-11-25 23:35:21 -0500

Per the dialog, OpenStudio does not translate all IDF objects into the OSM. OpenStudio's object model associates additional information with many components, particularly HVAC components. Rather than fill in the blanks with our best guesses, it's best to not attempt a translation - hence the errors you're seeing. Geometry and space-type definitions will usually be translated faithfully, but HVAC systems generally aren't. The resulting OSM will NOT produce the results you expect. Your options are to inspect the OpenStudio model and manually add back in the objects that were removed, or use the OpenStudio Legacy PlugIn. The Legacy PlugIn contains only a small fraction of current OpenStudio features, but maintains all of your IDF content.

There are no immediate plans to completely reverse translate IDF to OSM, as we're far more focused on expanding the OpenStudio object model and adding entirely new functionality. That said, we are working on native OSM implementations of all the reference/prototype models, which will be released in in the coming months.

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