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Using Coil:Cooling:WaterToAirHeatPump:EquationFit

asked 2016-03-02 10:11:10 -0500

I want to use Coil:Cooling:WaterToAirHeatPump:EquationFit (doc) to model a water-cooled DX unit.

Can I use this coil directly on the supply side of an AirLoopHVAC or do I necesarilly need to package it inside a AirLoopHVAC:UnitarySystem object?

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answered 2016-03-02 18:35:44 -0500

Archmage's avatar

It needs to go inside an AirLoopHVAC:UnitarySystem or a ZoneHVAC:WaterToAirHeatPump.

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I looked at all example files and tried it purely on an AirLoopHVAC and came to the same conclusion. But I couldn't find anywhere in the documentation where that is stated. Did I miss it or is the documentation lacking?

Julien Marrec's avatar Julien Marrec  ( 2016-03-03 02:35:41 -0500 )edit

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