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How to actually use HAMT in designbuilder (with energyplus)

asked 2016-02-24 01:32:52 -0500

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updated 2017-05-05 09:20:56 -0500

Hello, I use Designbuilder and I have done all the HAMT settings for an individual material (indoor plaster) and chose "Include moisture transfer settings" for the material (and generated a new moisture transfer setting = "EMPD + HAMT"). For the advanced simulation method I can not choose EMPD or HAMT, but I allowed "individual constructions to override solution method". Now I have 2 different settings for a zone: first is with indoor plaster with low/bad sorption isotherms, second is with high/good sorption isotherms. After simulating I find no differences in the zone relative humidity at all. In the in.idf file I find no section with the sorption isotherms either. So I doubt, if E+ is really using the EMPD+HAMT solution algorithm.

Did anyone use EMPD/HAMT successfully in Designbuilder yet? Thank you and kind regards,

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answered 2016-11-09 05:12:15 -0500

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In DesignBuilder 4.7 it was not possible to change the solution method to "HAMT" (Your were only able to change relevant parameters manually in the IDF file). But with the new DesignBuilder 5 Version HAMT is fully integrated.

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