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openstudio-standards setup for measure writing

asked 2016-02-22 22:25:16 -0600

ngkhanh's avatar

updated 2016-02-23 07:46:11 -0600

I installed gem from openstudio -standards in developer pathway. I was able to access gem by rake -T in ruby console at openstudio-standards\openstudio-standards folder. However,There is Quick start guide. with some steps repeated in developer guide - clone git repo, etc. I am not sure about purpose of Quick start guide ?

Currently, i want to use openstudio-standards for developing measure by notepad++, should i finish Quick start guide and how to check whether the current setup is properly configured ? and what syntax can be used from openstudio-standards ?

should i recopy the openstudio.rb to ruby folder C:/MyRuby200/lib/ruby/site_ruby for every new Openstudio installation to get all gems works ? Thanks

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answered 2016-02-23 02:13:15 -0600

It depends what you're trying to do.

  • If you just want to access the openstudio-standards gem to use its methods in your own measures, then you just have to install the gem and include require 'openstudio-standards at the top your measure.rb.

  • If you want to modify the openstudio-standards itself, then you should check out the docs, specifically the Developper Information page on github or on rubydocs

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i was pushed to reinstall openstudio-standards gem for require "openstudio-standards' due to GEM_PATH . The developer guide need to mention about the quick start should be implemented separately before if you want to use gem for measure writing. Which syntax can be use with openstudio-standards ? i used model.create_baseline_building('90.1-2010', 'Appendix G') but it's an undefined method.

ngkhanh's avatar ngkhanh  ( 2016-02-23 09:04:04 -0600 )edit

This method isn't even on the default branch. Check this out. Note that this is not ready for prime time quite yet... you should expect bugs and heavy debuging in ruby. Otherwise I suggest you wait a little bit before trying to use it

Julien Marrec's avatar Julien Marrec  ( 2016-02-23 09:41:00 -0600 )edit

Thank @Julien Marrec, i focus on the architecture than code because it can parse data from convenience .xls sources. Anyway, heavy debugging is required for measure code. If there is any currently applicable methods from this gems, please let me know, i need to have some results of original in order to check whether my modification works ?

ngkhanh's avatar ngkhanh  ( 2016-02-23 10:18:30 -0600 )edit

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