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Energy Plus runs with no errors, but I keep getting this Open Studio error (stderr). I'd like to be able to view the information in Open Studio if possible. Thank you.

asked 2016-02-16 16:35:25 -0500

pkachnyc gravatar image

updated 2016-09-06 18:54:03 -0500

Energy Plus runs with no errors, but I keep getting this Open Studio error. I'd like to be able to view the information in Open Studio if possible.

DL is deprecated, please use Fiddle

C:/Users/pkachnyc/AppData/Local/TEMP/OpenStudio.eo5128/resources/run/6-UserScript-0/user_script.rb:155:in `eval': Optional not initialized (RuntimeError)

from C:/Users/pkachnyc/AppData/Local/TEMP/OpenStudio.eo5128/resources/run/6-UserScript-0/resources/os_lib_reporting.rb:2583:in `block in zone_condition_section'

from C:/Users/pkachnyc/AppData/Local/TEMP/OpenStudio.eo5128/resources/run/6-UserScript-0/resources/os_lib_reporting.rb:2551:in `each'

from C:/Users/pkachnyc/AppData/Local/TEMP/OpenStudio.eo5128/resources/run/6-UserScript-0/resources/os_lib_reporting.rb:2551:in `zone_condition_section'

from (eval):1:in `block in run'

from C:/Users/pkachnyc/AppData/Local/TEMP/OpenStudio.eo5128/resources/run/6-UserScript-0/user_script.rb:155:in `eval'

from C:/Users/pkachnyc/AppData/Local/TEMP/OpenStudio.eo5128/resources/run/6-UserScript-0/user_script.rb:155:in `block in run'

from C:/Users/pkachnyc/AppData/Local/TEMP/OpenStudio.eo5128/resources/run/6-UserScript-0/user_script.rb:153:in `each'

from C:/Users/pkachnyc/AppData/Local/TEMP/OpenStudio.eo5128/resources/run/6-UserScript-0/user_script.rb:153:in `run'

from in.rb:387:in `<main>'
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which version of OS are you using?

aparker gravatar image aparker  ( 2016-02-17 10:32:53 -0500 )edit

1 Answer

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answered 2016-02-17 10:43:55 -0500

updated 2016-02-17 10:49:44 -0500

Are you using any apostrophe's in zone names? May be related to this issue.

If you upgrade to OpenStudio 1.10.0 or later it will trap this error and you will see the rest of the report except for the Zone Conditions section. Or if you rename your thermal zones then you can re-run and the error should go away.

The issue is caused by sql query's with some non- alphanumeric characters. Here is a similar post but with design day name instead of thermal zone name.

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Thank you for your responses! I had a zone named "Men's Bathroom" and a zone named "Women's Bathroom." I removed the apostrophes and ran the simulation again, and it was error free! Thanks again!

pkachnyc gravatar image pkachnyc  ( 2016-02-18 14:02:29 -0500 )edit

@pkachnyc, you should "accept" this answer by clicking the check button.

__AmirRoth__ gravatar image __AmirRoth__  ( 2016-02-18 14:37:00 -0500 )edit

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