Is the Operational Fault model for Coil Fouling working in v8.4?

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I've been experimenting with the coil fouling operational fault model in EnergyPlus v8.4, and have been having problems getting any difference in results from it.

Currently, I am trying to get the coil fouling module working with the 5ZoneAirCooled.idf example building that is included with EnergyPlus v8.4. I add the elements, select both of the cooling coils, and have put in what I consider appropriately small UA values (about 1/2 of the nominal UA value listed in the HTML file that is generated).

image description

However, after running my "fouled" file, I get the exact same results as the original. I'd expect, at the least, to have increased pump energy from the reduced waterside dT across the coil.

Running the 5ZoneAirCooled.idf models (original and fouled) in v8.3 results in numbers I would expect. E.g. a slight increase in pump energy.

Reducing the UA values further in both cases results in the same qualitative results: v8.4 shows no difference, v8.3 shows a noticeable difference.

Any help or insight would be appreciated!

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