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Errors when using HVACTemplate Unitary System

asked 2016-02-13 12:01:38 -0600

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Hi everyone, What make this 2 errors? Thanks

* Warning * GetInternalHeatGains: People="MULTIPURPOSE", Activity Level Schedule Name values * ~~~ * fall outside typical range [70,1000] W/person for Thermal Comfort Reporting. * ~~~ * Odd comfort values may result; Schedule="OCCUPANCY OFFICE". * ~~~ * Entered min/max range=[0.0,1.0] W/person.

* Severe * UpdateZoneSizing: Cooling supply air temperature (calculated) within 2C of zone temperature * ~~~ * ...check zone thermostat set point and design supply air temperatures * ~~~ * name = L1_ADMINISTRASI_AKADEMIK * ~~~ * sensible cooling load = 50956.13 W * ~~~ * ...thermostat set point temp = 0.000 C * ~~~ * temperature = 12.875 C * ~~~ * air temperature = 12.800 C * ~~~ * ...temperature difference = -7.49923E-002 C * ~~~ * ...calculated volume flow rate = 545364.63273 m3/s * ~~~ * ...calculated mass flow rate = 655542.43499 kg/s

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answered 2016-02-13 13:49:24 -0600

The Severe Error is telling you that the zone air is very cold (~55F), and that the air coming into the zone is almost the same temperature (~55F). I would check the zone heating setpoint.

The Warning is saying that your people activity schedule is outside the expected range of 70-1000 W/person. If this is wrong, fix this and re-run, because it may be related to the Severe Error above. Here's how you check it:

First, find the people object, then find the name of the activity schedule assigned: image description

Second, find that schedule and inspect it. You can drag the line up and down to adjust the value: image description

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Thank you so much for answering my question. By the way, I'm using EnergyPlus. Can I do that way in EnergyPlus?

The problem is I've designed this zone just for cooling and no heating so zone heating setpoint is off. I set zone cooling setpoint for 24C.


Coolmint's avatar Coolmint  ( 2016-02-13 18:11:04 -0600 )edit

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