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Reporting measure syntax

asked 2016-02-06 13:45:35 -0500

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updated 2016-02-06 13:51:34 -0500

Hello, 1.i do not fully understand the arguments in OpenStudio::IdfObject.load("Output:Variable,,Zone Mechanical Ventilation Current Density Volume Flow Rate,Hourly;") - Why second fields Variable,,Zone was skipped ? That idfobject.load is simillar with sql query or not ? Which query in SQLbrower i should make to get same result as OpenStudio::IdfObject.load ?

query = 'SELECT Value FROM tabulardatawithstrings WHERE ' query << "ReportName='AnnualBuildingUtilityPerformanceSummary' and " query << "ReportForString='Entire Facility' and " query << "TableName='Building Area' and " query << "RowName='Total Building Area' and " query << "ColumnName='Area' and " query << "Units='m2';

3. Have any difference to access OSM object (Model::Object) or WorkspaceObject (E+ object) to get input data when i code an reporting measure class OpenStudio::Ruleset::ReportingUserScript when compare with ModelUserScript and WorkspaceUserScript

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I think these questions are too dissimilar to be in the same thread.

Julien Marrec's avatar Julien Marrec  ( 2016-02-07 04:03:35 -0500 )edit

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answered 2016-02-07 04:02:13 -0500

In 1. it is only loading the string as an IDF Object, like it would load from an IDF file.

It's loading the following Output:Variable

     *,                                                                                                  !- Key Value
     Zone Mechanical Ventilation Current Density Volume Flow Rate,    !- Variable Name
     Hourly;                                                                                         !- Reporting timestep

This just means it'll apply to all objects

You can have all keys listed in the standard output file by putting a “*” in this field or you can have specific items listed by putting in a key value. If this field is left blank, it will use a * as the default (i.e., you will get all variables of Variable Name).

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Thank but what happens when we apply to different output as measure writing report described ?,i understand that we the same row as in IDF file with blank row described as ,,. if i want to add schedule option to above syntax : so ("Output:Variable,,Zone Mechanical Ventilation Current Density Volume Flow Rate,Hourly,schedulename;") and if we need a output:meter("Output:Meter,Name,Frequency;") or a output:table:timebins: ("output:table:timebins,keyvalue,variablename,Interval Start,IntervalSize,InternalCount,ScheduleName, variabletype(if have) ;")

ngkhanh's avatar ngkhanh  ( 2016-02-07 04:53:11 -0500 )edit

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