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Error when using PTHP

asked 2016-02-01 17:18:38 -0500

updated 2016-02-01 20:34:44 -0500

I'm trying to use the PTHP system to make redundancy to a chilled water coil in a IT Room.

To run the simulation with PTHP, the below error occurs indicating that there is an absence of filling in the fields Air Inlet Air Outlet Node Name and Node Name.

However, I do not understand where to set these nodes.

Is this a bug or am I making a mistake?

   *************  47938 Fan:ConstantVolume,
   ************* indicated Name=Fan Constant Volume
   ************* Only last 9 lines before error line shown.....
   *************  47939   Fan Constant Volume,                    !- Name
   *************  47940   Always On Discrete 1,                   !- Availability Schedule Name
   *************  47941   0.7,                                    !- Fan Total Efficiency
   *************  47942   250,                                    !- Pressure Rise {Pa}
   *************  47943   AutoSize,                               !- Maximum Flow Rate {m3/s}
   *************  47944   0.9,                                    !- Motor Efficiency
   *************  47945   1,                                      !- Motor In Airstream Fraction
   *************  47946   ,                                       !- Air Inlet Node Name
   *************  47947   ;                                       !- Air Outlet Node Name
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1 Answer

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answered 2016-02-02 09:42:39 -0500

How are you adding the PTHP to your model? What version of OpenStudio are you using?

In version 1.9, I can assign a PTHP to the 'Zone Equipment' column of a zone in the "Thermal Zones" tab. There are no input fields to set the air inlet and outlet nodes of the PTHP fan. I can run a simulation successfully, and the resulting IDF file has these input fields automatically set by OpenStudio.

  PTHP CV Fan,                            !- Name
  Always On Discrete 1,                   !- Availability Schedule Name
  0.7,                                    !- Fan Total Efficiency
  250,                                    !- Pressure Rise {Pa}
  AutoSize,                               !- Maximum Flow Rate {m3/s}
  0.9,                                    !- Motor Efficiency
  1,                                      !- Motor In Airstream Fraction
  PTHP Heating Coil Outlet Node,          !- Air Inlet Node Name
  PTHP Fan Outlet Node;                   !- Air Outlet Node Name

image description

Adding PTHP in OpenStudio

image description

Editing PTHP in OpenStudio

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