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Zone sizing simulation

asked 2016-01-13 05:59:58 -0500

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updated 2020-01-20 13:35:59 -0500

I'm using openstudio 1.10.0., and during the simulation I have in my screen the following image description.

My location is not chicago, and I imported a.ddy file from my location. What this means? It will affect my simulation? It's a bug?

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-01-13 08:22:23 -0500

The program is showing you the name of the Sizing:Period object specified in your input file. This is only a unique name, however, I suspect that other inputs in this object are specific to Chicago and should be reviewed and modified as needed. For example, what is the maximum dry-bulb temperature for your location during the specified day in the Sizing:Period object? Does this match the value specified here? There are also other values in this object that should be reviewed.

  CHICAGO_IL_USA Annual Heating 99% Design Conditions DB,  !- Name
  1,                       !- Month
  21,                      !- Day of Month
  WinterDesignDay,         !- Day Type
 -17.3,                   !- Maximum Dry-Bulb Temperature {C}
  0.0,                     !- Daily Dry-Bulb Temperature Range {deltaC}
  ,                        !- Dry-Bulb Temperature Range Modifier Type
  ,                        !- Dry-Bulb Temperature Range Modifier Day Schedule Name
  Wetbulb,                 !- Humidity Condition Type
  -17.3,                   !- Wetbulb or DewPoint at Maximum Dry-Bulb {C}
  ,                        !- Humidity Condition Day Schedule Name
  ,                        !- Humidity Ratio at Maximum Dry-Bulb {kgWater/kgDryAir}
  ,                        !- Enthalpy at Maximum Dry-Bulb {J/kg}
  ,                        !- Daily Wet-Bulb Temperature Range {deltaC}
  99063.,                  !- Barometric Pressure {Pa}
  4.9,                     !- Wind Speed {m/s}
  270,                     !- Wind Direction {deg}
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