where is "window to wall ratio" option?

asked 2016-01-07 07:06:39 -0600

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updated 2016-01-07 11:29:59 -0600


Where I can find "window to wall ratio" option? I'm running OS on sketchup 2015. I dont have that "OpenStudio user scripts" bar. (http://nrel.github.io/OpenStudio-user...)

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Does you have the rest of the OS functionality? Do you have the "Extensions -> OpenStudio" option?

TaylorRoberts gravatar image TaylorRoberts  ( 2016-01-07 09:00:23 -0600 )edit

Yes I do. Please have a look what I have (the view on my side): http://i.imgsafe.org/c0e8b1d.png

karolis gravatar image karolis  ( 2016-01-07 09:31:19 -0600 )edit

It appears you are using the legacy OpenStudio SketchUp plugin, that just works with IDF files. It doesn't have the user scripts section which is where window to wall ratio can be set. If you want to work with OSM files then download OpenStudio from here.

David Goldwasser gravatar image David Goldwasser  ( 2016-01-07 10:06:53 -0600 )edit

Thank you for the support. I didn't realize that at the beginning I need to install not just a sketchup plugin. Now it works fine. What are the differences between legacy and OS versions? Which one should I use?

karolis gravatar image karolis  ( 2016-01-08 00:52:51 -0600 )edit