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Plant Operation Schemes in EnergyPlus example files

asked 2015-12-23 18:43:52 -0500

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Several EnergyPlus example files (e.g. CoolingTower.idf, ElectricEIRChiller.idf, CentralChillerHeaterSystem_Cooling_Heating.idf etc. to name a few) have two cooling load range based plant operation schemes specified for on peak and off peak operation. But same operation scheme name ("Peak Operation") was specified for both on peak and off peak periods. Some of these files which do have "Off Peak Operation" cooling load based operations scheme, they refer to same plant equipment list which is associated with "Peak Operation" scheme. This seems counter intuitive as this means that same plant equipment is always running to meet the cooling loads regardless of peak/off peak period and that second cooling load based scheme is actually redundant.. Is this as designed? Another question on UnmetHours led to this current question.

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answered 2016-01-12 10:39:50 -0500

This is a known issue that has propagated across many example files. For each one, it should be fixed to use an appropriate equipment list, or the dual schedules should be removed.

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Thank you Mike.

Chandan Sharma's avatar Chandan Sharma  ( 2016-01-12 21:51:13 -0500 )edit

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