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Ground modelling (slab)

asked 2015-11-27 09:31:10 -0500

antifx gravatar image

updated 2015-11-27 09:31:51 -0500

Hey, I want to simulate the ground temperature using the "slab programm" (Eplus-Versino 8.3).

GroundHeatTransfer:Control: Run Slab Procesor Yes
TRUE,                    !- EVTR: Is surface evapotranspiration modeled
TRUE,                    !- FIXBC: is the lower boundary at a fixed temperature
10,                      !- TDEEPin {C}
FALSE;                   !- USRHflag: Is the ground surface h specified by the user?

10,                      !- IYRS: Number of years to iterate
0,                       !- Shape: Slab shape
4,                       !- HBLDG: Building height {m}
22,                      !- TIN1: January Indoor Average Temperature Setpoint {C}
22,                      !- TIN2: February Indoor Average Temperature Setpoint {C}
22,                      !- TIN3: March Indoor Average Temperature Setpoint {C}
22,                      !- TIN4: April Indoor Average Temperature Setpoint {C}
22,                      !- TIN5: May Indoor Average Temperature Setpoint {C}
22,                      !- TIN6: June Indoor Average Temperature Setpoint {C}
22,                      !- TIN7: July Indoor Average Temperature Setpoint {C}
22,                      !- TIN8: August Indoor Average Temperature Setpoint {C}
22,                      !- TIN9: September Indoor Average Temperature Setpoint {C}
22,                      !- TIN10: October Indoor Average Temperature Setpoint {C}
22,                      !- TIN11: November Indoor Average Temperature Setpoint {C}
22,                      !- TIN12: December Indoor Average Temperature Setpoint {C}
,                        !- TINAmp: Daily Indoor sine wave variation amplitude {deltaC}
0.1;                     !- ConvTol: Convergence Tolerance

0,                       !- RINS: R value of under slab insulation {m2-K/W}
0,                       !- DINS: Width of strip of under slab insulation {m}
2,                       !- RVINS: R value of vertical insulation {m2-K/W}
2,                       !- ZVINS: Depth of vertical insulation {m}
1;                       !- IVINS: Flag: Is there vertical insulation

test,                    !- Name
No,                      !- Run Basement Preprocessor
Yes;                     !- Run Slab Preprocessor

1,                       !- NMAT: Number of materials
0.16,                    !- ALBEDO: Surface Albedo: No Snow
0.4,                     !- ALBEDO: Surface Albedo: Snow
0.94,                    !- EPSLW: Surface Emissivity: No Snow
0.86,                    !- EPSLW: Surface Emissivity: Snow
,                        !- Z0: Surface Roughness: No Snow {cm}
0.25,                    !- Z0: Surface Roughness: Snow {cm}
6.13,                    !- HIN: Indoor HConv: Downward Flow {W/m2-K}
9.26;                    !- HIN: Indoor HConv: Upward {W/m2-K}

2300,                    !- RHO: Slab Material density {kg/m3}
1200,                    !- RHO: Soil Density {kg/m3}
650,                     !- CP: Slab CP {J/kg-K}
1200,                    !- CP: Soil CP {J/kg-K}
0.9,                     !- TCON: Slab k {W/m-K}
1;                       !- TCON: Soil k {W/m-K}

I run EP-Launch / Utilities Slab / i got the following error message: specified file missing for utility: Slab: ....out_bsmt.idf

Then i tried to run the normal launch / single input file

I get the error message: Specified file missing for utility: Slab

PrelimOutput: Improper slab entered.  Describe slab using EquivalentSlab object or similar.

Is this even the right way to simulate the ground :) ? Thank you very much for your help!

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1 Answer

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answered 2015-11-28 19:57:32 -0500

In the New Feature section of the EnergyPlus 8.3.0 release notes it says:

Integrated slab calculations extended to also supported basement heat transfer. The slab and basement pre-processors are still packaged, but the new methods provide a much more convenient workflow for users.

The new objects are called Site:GroundDomain and Site:GroundDomainBasement. Using them might be less of a pain than using the Slab preprocessor.

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Thank you for your answer. The building I want to simulate has no Basement: Which objects do I need? Site:GroundDomain:Slab + also GroundHeatTransfer:Control, Materials, Slab:BoundConds, etc.? Thank you for your help!

antifx gravatar image antifx  ( 2015-11-29 04:42:28 -0500 )edit

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