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How to build combination of measures quickly in parameteric analysis tool?

asked 2015-10-10 09:44:53 -0500

Ery Djunaedy's avatar

updated 2015-11-12 15:17:43 -0500

If for example I have 5 envelope measures, 4 HVAC measures, 4 orientation rotation, then I have 80 combinations. Is there a way I can build these 80 combinations automagically in PAT? Instead of selecting relevant measures to get one combination, repeated 80 times which will be prone to error.

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1 Answer

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answered 2015-10-10 13:04:42 -0500

@EryDjunaedy, the current PAT doesn't support full-meshing, although the next PAT (currently under construction) might. The OpenStudio Analysis Spreadsheet has this functionality though.

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The algorithm type would be 'DOE' to do the full factorial design of experiments

BrianLBall's avatar BrianLBall  ( 2015-10-13 15:25:51 -0500 )edit

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