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Passive solar heating of the pools through architectural fabric

asked 2014-11-12 10:33:54 -0500

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updated 2014-11-12 12:05:47 -0500

Hey all,

I'm a Sustainable Design grad student at Philadelphia University, USA. I'm looking to model covered swimming pool to see how much passive solar heat could be obtained through air supported architecture fabric structure. In particular, I'm interested in two scenarios when the fabric is opaque, and when it is translucent. The main focus is given to the water temperature. I was wondering if any of you had to deal with similar problem and what software did you use? To this point I used IES VE for such simulations, however there is no water body in the program, and therefore I used thick cement walls to count on water thermal mass but I don't think it is an appropriate solution. So, I'm keep on looking for the better cause.

Any help is highly appreciated!

Thank you!

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1 Answer

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answered 2015-03-29 13:43:44 -0500

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TRNSYS has a swimming pool component you can purchase from TRANSolar. I'm not sure if this will fully meet your needs, but you could build a TRNSYS model around the swimming pool component.

Hope that helps.

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