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ViewModel measure goes wrong when building orientation non-zero

asked 2015-09-29 01:55:41 -0600

lutinfr gravatar image

updated 2017-08-05 13:08:13 -0600

When building orientation = 0

image description

Then, put non zero

image description

Result ! opps

image description

hope fully this is only presentation in viewmodel that makes fault, not E+'s shading calculation error.

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1 Answer

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answered 2015-09-29 10:25:43 -0600

This is just a bug in the ViewModel measure, it won't affect anything in EnergyPlus. I've filed this issue for it. This is also a good place to remind people that EnergyPlus has its own DXF output that can be requested if you want to double check that your geometry is being simulated correctly.

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Asked: 2015-09-29 01:55:41 -0600

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