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Material Temperature/Surface Temperature

asked 2015-09-24 18:10:17 -0600

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updated 2015-09-25 08:07:24 -0600

How can I get hourly temperature output for one layer of material in construction ? Material temperature is preferred since we are modeling phase change material performance, it's better to know the temperature change. In addition, how to add an extra report IDF file in DesignBuilder simulation?

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2 Answers

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answered 2015-10-15 14:40:27 -0600

If you're using a MaterialProperty:PhaseChange and the Conduction Finite Difference heat balance model to model your phase change materials, you should be able to include a 'CondFD Surface Temperature Node' output variable. This variable doesn't seem to appear in the Input/Output Reference, but you can see it used in the example file CondFD1ZonePurchAirAutoSizeWithPCM.idf. This section of the Engineering Reference has more information about the model.

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answered 2015-10-15 14:24:33 -0600

I would propose to take front and reverse side surface temperatures [output values] of walls etc. and then calculate the temperatures at each layer in constructions from conductivities of materials. This should be possible using EMS programs and output variables, or other methods of postprocessing (e.g. using spreadsheet calculations on csv output of surface temperatures)

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